10 Awesome Online Ad Galleries

As you may recall I’m on a personal mission to help people make even better use of online display advertising by driving innovative new ideas, formats and highlighting great creative – because online ads are amazing and we can only continue to improve them.

Earlier this year we hosted the 120 Hours ad exhibition in partnership with Brand Republic to put the spotlight on a select few great ads. Now it’s time to open the floodgates to show the massive variety of ads flying around the net.

I’ve compiled the below list of ten online galleries (in alphabetical order) showcasing hundreds of recent online and mobile display campaigns. They’re fantastic and worth bookmarking because you can view and play with ads that may not have been aimed at you.

Aol Advertising Rich Media Showcase
View, browse and play with a large range of online ads

Collective Video Ad Creative Gallery
Ever wondered what great online video pre-roll ads look like? Wonder no more with a selection here among all manner of other forms of online ads

EyeWonder Online Ad Showcase
Play with a selection of innovative formats from around the world

Google DoubleClick Rich Media Gallery
See a vast selection of ads that have recently been run

IAB US Rising Stars
Videos of a small selection of innovative new formats created for the IAB’s competition to find better, often bigger, brand ads

MediaMind’s Creative Zone
A seemingly never ending page of ad creative highlighting an incredible range from games, interactive ads to brand building display

Microsoft Creative Advertising
A carefully selected showcase of the best of the best ads

Mojiva Mobile Creative
Best to view this one on your smartphone for optimum experience (http://m.mojivamca.com), an ace mobile display ad gallery

Unanimis Campaign Gallery
Easy to use gallery broken down by brand, video, mobile and other forms of ads

Yahoo! Rich Media Gallery
Ads that have gone the extra mile to be integrated into Yahoo!’s content

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  • Matt Grant

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  • Phil Barden

    ‘To get people to the brink of wanting to undertake serious behavioural change requires highly emotional and motivating messaging’

    Sorry Tess but I don’t think you understand nudging! Read the success stories of the Govt’s ‘nudge’ unit in public policy. Very simple interventions, often at zero/low cost, can change behaviour by triggering heuristics (implicit decision-making ‘rules’). There are dozens of studies on this now (and we have client case studies too) that prove that you can change behaviour without changing minds/attitudes (and there is evidence that behaviour change precedes attitude change).

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    What’s your evidence for this? Read Wansink on changing something as basic as students’ eating habits in a canteen. All done by nudges.

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