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10 UK Video Game Audience Stats

The IAB Games Steering Group has released a ground-breaking new study, titled Gaming Britain, proving the enormity of the video game playing audience : 32.9 million people. Using a nationally representative sample of 4,000 people aged 8 – 65 years old, the study proves that games provide not only a mainstream audience but one of the biggest, most social, demographically varied and most engaged audiences.

In this respect, the study confirms a lot of what people in the games industry already know. For brands however, it shows a painful neglect of an incredibly important platform for reaching consumers. The breadth of advertising opportunity in 2011 is exceptional, it’s easier than ever to buy advertising in and around games media, and when done correctly, game players are incredibly receptive . Read more on 10 UK Video Game Audience Stats…

10 Awesome Online Ad Galleries

As you may recall I’m on a personal mission to help people make even better use of online display advertising by driving innovative new ideas, formats and highlighting great creative – because online ads are amazing and we can only continue to improve them.

Earlier this year we hosted the 120 Hours ad exhibition in partnership with Brand Republic to put the spotlight on a select few great ads. Now it’s time to open the floodgates to show the massive variety of ads flying around the net. Read more on 10 Awesome Online Ad Galleries…

Marketing industry still undervaluing search (yes, even now!)

IAB Search for Integration

First, some facts: over 35.5 million people in the UK use search each month (UKOM) and advertisers spend over £2.3 billion on paid search in the UK every year (IAB / PwC). Search is gargantuan for brands and consumers alike.

Yet over two thirds of UK brands, 70.4%, state search is only partially integrated or not at all integrated within their wider marketing mix (IAB). When pushed further, an incredible 99% of brands in the UK say there is still greater opportunity to integrate search with the likes of TV, radio, print and even online ads.

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11.7m watch online video at work, and pay more attention

Last year the IAB and Sky discovered – in our award winning research no less – that people watching online video in the workplace can generate a higher impact on attention. Now, thanks to UKOM (powered by Nielsen’s video census), we know that the online video workplace audience is a substantial 11.7 million people. This makes for a very enticing brand advertising proposition indeed – and one completely unique to the wonderful world of online.

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