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A while ago I questioned where all of the celebrities were in online advertising, the question still stands – where are they? Using celebrities is a number one tool in your marketing tool box for brand endorsement and attracting attention. If print, outdoor, radio and TV gets Cheryl Cole, why can’t we in display ads? Over to you L’Oreal.

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Gaga gets it! And puts online consumers first.

gaga kermit dressI’ve noticed that I generally start a blog post apologising for the many celebrity references, and not talkingovertly about advertising, but I guess brands can actually learn a lot from the rich and famous, who are of course brands in themselves, and digitally some of the most forward-thinking there are. Step forward Lady Gaga, a current obsession of a couple of IABers, not just because she has good music and clothes, but also because she’s a fan of… online video! In a recent interview with Newsweek, Gaga spoke about the structure and look of her performances, which are tailored to suit the online viewer:

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Where are the celebrities?

Iggy Pop

You can use celebrities in marketing campaigns to grab the attention of consumers. This is a basic rule of branding taught at GCSE level upwards and is used all the time on TV, in cinemas, in print, on the radio. Where then, are the celebrities in online advertising?! Ignoring the obvious film and TV campaigns, I can’t recall a single online advert that uses a celebrity to associate with a product or service and certainly not for a standalone online campaign.

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10 reasons why i love entertainment blogs (or maybe 10 reasons why i should get out more)

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m a BIG fan of celebrity.In fact it’s pretty safe to say that I have very few other interests. That’s why the proliferation of entertainment and celebrity focused-blogs have been a godsend for me, and to be honest there’s very little else I look at online. Normally this is just for my own reading pleasure, however yesterday I saw a video on the Perez Hilton site (featuring the man himself) giving his take on the recent US Weekly exclusive surrounding the apparent elopement of Heidi Montag and SpencerPratt(both stars of US faux reality show ‘The Hills’). Perez pointed out that thanks to online, for the offline magazine world there is now nosuch thing as ‘breaking news’ and therefore the print versions of celebrity magazines are having a tougher time than ever to maintain their interest and provide their readers with new information. And now paid-for, exclusives,seemingly stagedstories –such as the Montag and Pratt affair – are the result. Such a thought-provoking video (for me, anyway!) made me realise what a massive impact such blogs have had on media (and marketing) in general. So, after giving it a bit more thought, I’ve found10 big reasons why I love entertainment blogs, such as the aforementioned Perez Hilton, Holy Moly, FilmDrunk, MrPaparazzi, Dlisted, Heatworld (the blogroll goes on…)

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