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Education, education, education (part one)

It’s official: us Brits love shopping online. According to research by price comparison service, Uswitch, 93% of the UK population now shop on the internet (I think that’s 93% of the 2,500 adults they surveyed!). And, as consumers continue to ‘connect’ so advertisers increasingly look to the internet as a platform to get their messages across and sell their wares. The two are mutually beneficial. Some of us just can’t get enough of all this (it’s empowering and addictive). For others the tide of change is uncomfortable and some need help getting connected in the first place (and there’s no one better than digital entrepreneur and Government Digital Inclusion Champion, Martha Lane Fox, to make this happen).


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Transparency, choice and education is the way forward for online privacy

A parliamentary body of MPs and Peers – the All Party Parliamentary Group on Communications – is to conduct an inquiry into internet traffic, including behavioural advertising and online privacy.  The Group asks whether the Government should intervene over behavioural advertising or whether it should leave it to users, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and websites.  The Group also asks whether there is a need for any new initiative to deal with online privacy.  The Group has sought ‘written evidence’ from interested parties and will be meeting with key stakeholders in mid-June.

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Privacy is at the heart of the internet’s future

Protecting personal data and privacy is one of the biggest challenges of the digital era.  And, as we all spend more of our lives online, so it’s importance will continue to grow.  People are prepared to share more information about themselves and their experiences then we might dare to do in the offline world.  People are also prepared to forfeit a little bit of personal data in return for improved and often more personal services.  This is not a new thing: loyalty cards have been around for a while now.

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Obama is Google, McCain is AOL and more detailed measurement is the Holy Grail

So I’ve read this morning that the US think that Barack Obama is more like Google, and that John McCain is more like AOL. So what does this say about these brands?

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The Queen goes all Google on us

Today’s big story in new media land is that the Queen is visiting Google. Obviously I believe if she really wanted to get to the heart of the digital industry then she should have started her day off with a quick nip around the IAB offices (especially now we’re in fancy new ones in deepest darkest Covent Garden). I guess if you worked for MSN you’d be wondering why she couldn’t just pop over the road and have a squiz at your own offices, just to avoid playing favourites. She could fit in Yahoo! with a visit to their Shaftesbury Avenue HQ (convenient as it’s on the way to our offices) and then a quick hop over to Hammersmith to say hello to the Platform A crew and she’d have covered a large part of the industry in one motorcade driven morning.

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