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Gaga gets it! And puts online consumers first.

gaga kermit dressI’ve noticed that I generally start a blog post apologising for the many celebrity references, and not talkingovertly about advertising, but I guess brands can actually learn a lot from the rich and famous, who are of course brands in themselves, and digitally some of the most forward-thinking there are. Step forward Lady Gaga, a current obsession of a couple of IABers, not just because she has good music and clothes, but also because she’s a fan of… online video! In a recent interview with Newsweek, Gaga spoke about the structure and look of her performances, which are tailored to suit the online viewer:

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Resurrect Top of the Pops for web only

Top Of The PopsA story by the Guardian titled “Faster broadband won’t make us watch more TV online, viewers tell survey” appeared on my Twitter feed this morning. I read it, and I have to agree, why would faster broadband alone make you watch more video content? Did people start watching more TV when it switched from analogue to digital?

Fast broadband might make people watch more video online than through a digital or satellite box, but I don’t see why it would necessarily make you want to watch more. A new series of Battlestar Gallactica or Psychoville would make me want to watch more TV however. On-demand video might even make people view less if they can select what they want to watch rather than sit through the end of Songs of Praise waiting for Dragons Den to come on… However, targeting advertising may become more effective as a result because you don’t get crossover of audiences.

To increase viewing time online, online video publishers need to create or fund bespoke online content, something barely done at all but could explain why YouTube, with its unique UGC, commands such a mammoth share of video content viewed online. Online film publishers like LoveFilm and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 movie download service will likely benefit too, because it’s inconvenient to walk all the way to Blockbuster to rent a physical DVD.

So, here’s my suggestion, and I’ll give it to publishers for free: create unique online content to attract unique audiences. Top of the Pops is currently dead and the music industry lives and breathes online these days. Why not resurrect the format for an online audience? In fact, perhaps it would be better for the likes of Endemol or ITN to create its own online only music show because they can advertise around it – but remember, online video ads need to be made for online too!

Show exclusive performances and premiere artist videos on a new music show just for online. Better yet, offer two versions, one full length 30 or 60 minute programme and also offer the performances on their own as clips. Music artists have massive audiences buzzing around online already waiting to pounce on exclusive clips. The production house could seed the programme across multiple publisher sites, reaching massive audiences.

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Why 27,586 people probably love Marks and Spencer a little bit more.

For a while now I’ve been trying to avoid Twitter like the plague. Not because it offends me in any way but purely just to make a point, to myself, that I’m not the kind of person to be dragged along by the bandwagon, mile after mile, knees furiously grazing, clothes ripping on the gravelly floor and the air filled with my cries of ‘but it’s cooooooool! Everyone is dooooing iiiiiiiiiit!’

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How good is the new Britney come back?!

In my opinion it’s in the so bad, it’s good territory with an amazing video and yes, I unashamedly love it. How have I formed this strong and ridicule enticing opinion when it doesn’t go on sale in the UK for weeks? It has been everywhere on the internet for ages. Everywhere for free! Seriously music industry – and I say this because I care – get your act together.

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