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The World Cup – a game of two devices (at least)

How did you watch the World Cup? If it was a big evening game then it was probably on telly, but as Ofcom confirmed yesterday you were probably using another device at the time – most likely your mobile or laptop. If you were keeping up with a lunchtime or afternoon game, especially at work, then there’s also a good chance that you enjoyed the World Cup online or on your mobile.

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A is for Advergame; B is for Banner…

Children today are growing up in a digital society. They will never know what it was like living in a world without the internet or mobile devices. They are digital savvy and their distinction between offline and online worlds increasingly blurs by the day. But being media savvy is not the same as being media literate.

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5 Killer Online Video Stats

Massive, HD video is now a reality

Over the last two years I’ve been lucky to head up the IAB Video Council and while there’s always been a buzz around online video it’s never been greater than now. There may be some teething problems to overcome in this new channel – such as increasing research – but every single senior marketer I’ve spoken to about it (and there have been hundreds) see its huge potential and want to use it. I predict – and I checked that it’s therefore ok to say that the IAB is predicting – that 2010 will be the year that online video makes its mark on the advertising world. Here are five stats to help convince you:

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TV or not TV, is that the question?

Tess Alps of Thinkbox recently wrote a great post about TV’s move to online delivery, explaining why it’s not TV versus online because actually, broadcaster content is all the same. This is exactly the kind of message we’ve been sending out and one that it does well to remember. Particularly when measuring your online video campaigns, but I won’t get started on clickthrough versus brand metrics for video ads online here.

It did raise one question for me, admittedly not the biggest issue in the world, but what exactly should we be calling video content delivered via the internet? At the IAB we’re open to suggestions. TV is a familiar name, but a massive proportion of video clips viewed online don’t even originate from “TV”. Our Video Council, to date, opted to go with the digital industry’s naming of on-demand video clips, programmes and adverts. Or just ‘video’ for short. But is this causing a language barrier for traditional TV marketers in making the transition to online?

Why video

To explain why the term ‘video’ makes sense to me, I’ll use a few personal examples. In my house, I have a Mac Mini hooked up to the TV so I can watch the likes of iPlayer and YouTube on the TV already. And that’s the terminology I use, “let’s watch it on YouTube”, “it’s still on iPlayer”, “it’s on 4oD” etc. I don’t say “Let’s watch TV”. However, I’m fully aware that this is just my use of terminology and far from representative of the entire nation.

A few other random thoughts that whirred through my head about terminology:

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