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Diversity of advertiser solutions means online offers something for everyone

Online advertising in the UK continues to grow, this time to just under £2 billion for the first half of 2010. Exciting, but this growth isn’t the real story. The most interesting thing is that the latest IAB / PwC figures show that digital advertising offers the advertiser a really broad range of advertising solutions – meaning that it can accommodate the needs and objectives of any marketing campaign – from direct response to brand building.

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Search specialists – where are you?

The IAB’s National Search Marketing Barometer 2010 revealed that 36% of brands struggle to find skilled search staff; does this feel high to you?

With search marketing increasingly being used for brand building (78% said search can build brand either directly or as part of the full user journey) and with budgets set to stay the same or increase over the next year it is vital for every marketer – not just specialists – to understand the importance of search.

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Effects of social media on search

The relationship between search and social media is the subject I get asked the most about by advertisers and agencies at the moment. It’s a hugely complex area because both search and social media mean so many different things and work together in so many different ways.

To make matters worse, the last 18 months have seen radical developments in both. However, the two have an undeniably positive effect on each other and I believe that the secret to the most effective, integrated online campaigns lies at the heart of this relationship.

The IAB will be looking into this in far more detail in the future, but right now I wanted to share my own experience below and to gather some of yours. If you feel I’ve missed something, please email me or leave a comment below so that I can adapt it.

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Online is now number one in the UK

Online commands respect : Another IAB Ad Spend report, another milestone for online – this time the big one

We released the IAB Ad Spend results today, with the record breaking news that not only has Ad Spend grown again – as it has every half year since we launched the survey in 1998 – but we have finally done what media pundits have been guessing and betting on for years. That is we are now the largest medium in the UK, with 23.5% share of all media spend now being spent on online display, classifieds and search. We are larger than TV not by a fraction, but by £113.6 million. We are also now larger than press display by £369 million.

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Statsaholics Anonymous

For years I’ve known about my
addiction to site stats. Watching that trend line fluctuate, hoping for an
upward curve. Now I’m willing to step forward and come clean. I’m not alone with
this affliction; the world is covered with web
statsaholics. Alisa Bowman, Jason Jaeger and Geoffrey Golden being some of the brave souls to admit their problem.

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Google Options and Wolfram Alpha are significant, but for what reasons?

and WolframAlpha are two significant announcements from the search
world this week… kinda.


First up is
Google Options which joins the ranks of images, maps, video, blogs and more
channels for finding content. To clarify, I don’t think search is too
complicated for consumers – consumers get it. What this post is referring to is
the other side, the complexities that website owners now face.

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Digital marketers capitalise on Susan Boyle phenomenon

In less than a week
Britain’s Got Talent contestant Susan
Boyle has become an international hit, racking up YouTube views now well over 50
million. Thanks to the immediacy of digital advertising, some clever marketers
are already advertising around Susan’s success. It’s an excellent example of the
speed of online advertising, matching brands to relevant content and the
inventiveness of search marketers. Below is a results page from Google with
sponsored listings around the search term “susan boyle” and a similar YouTube
results page. Click on each image to view it full size.

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"It may be dry, but it’s massive…"

Antony Mayfield from iCrossingYesterday, one of my colleagues, (a big search advertising fan) was waxing lyrical to me about search, ahead of our event, IAB Engage for Search this morning. “It may be dry, but it’s massive” he said… LikeI needed any persuading!
But actually, I only agree with half of that statement. Search IS massive. Even in this wonderful, happy, silver-lining of an economic climate that we’re currently dwelling in, it’s proved itself an infallible medium, and based on thepresentations today it seemslikethe industry’s only just getting started in many ways – mobile search for example is set to be huge.But I totally disagree that it’s dry… In reality – and thanks to some great speakers today – search is a very dynamic place. It’s an area of online that’s constantly improving and adapting as consumer behaviour gets more sophisticated.
I always talk about social media, and this blog post will be no exception, but what interested me today is the extent to which search and social media are so inextricably linked. Like a ‘horse and carriage’ in fact, according toAntony Mayfield from iCrossing who spoke today about how search should be at the heart of your brand marketing strategy – it’s a reputation management tool and consumer search activity can provide us with excellent insights into what they’re looking for (obviously!) and when, and why.Search results tell you (and the general online audience) what people are saying about your brand, and whether you’re doing enough (particularly in terms of SEO) to manage that, and provide consumers with sufficient signposting to the rest of your social media activity – the fun stuff! Searchshould beconsidered a core part of your social media strategy, and should bemonitored regularlyto ensure that you’re making the most of it, because on the search pages (whichever search engine you may be using…) is where your audiences are starting the bulk of their online sessions.
At the IAB, welike tobang the drum for integration – too often specific online disciplines are dealt with in isolation, which brings me to another great speaker from today. Brandon Keenen from Platform A urged our delegates to talk to each other, not literally during his presentation of course (imagine the distraction!) but in terms of the different departments within our organisations.Your search folks need to talk to your social media folks, and your social media team to your ecommerce team and so on, because every single part of a brand needs to know what your strategy is, what your values are, and how you can best talk to people to communicate these objectives.
I’m hoping that one day we talk less about ‘search’ and ‘social media’ and ‘display’ (etc etc) as standalone tools, but more about ONLINE marketing, as a whole, which essentially puts the consumer first and follows them wherever they may be (again, not literally, there’s privacy issues here too!) and presents to them one key marketing message that they understand and can act upon if they wish. None of it’s dry, all of it’s essential, and as a medium, it will stayunequivocally massive.
For pictures of the event click here.

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